Wednesday, October 14, 2009 it really that early?

It is 5:27 as I write this and I have already been on the computer since 3:31. I woke up and thought it was time to get up and came right to the computer to start my day. It was only after I booted up that I realized the time. But, it was too late to go back to bed so here I sit.

Today I am off to Ohio. Just got home from Myrtle Beach and Mississippi. Way too much traveling going on lately. I thought I was going to Kentucky on this trip until last night when I looked at the address so that I could Mapquest my directions, just in case Ms. Garmin (my GPS) gets confused (as she often does) again. I was disappointed to see that the difference added three more hours to my trip one way. It will be a quick trip but I hope a fruitful one for

Sorry that I have not been writing but I promise when things slow down that I will. Okay, let me take that back. I promise that in the midst of things buzzing around me that I will find time. I do have some thoughts to share on some of our recent cases.

Tell your friends about the blog! I need a few more people to talk to. I know Harold says that I can talk to a wall but I really do prefer for it to talk back or at least to know it is listening. :-)

Now I am going back to bed for an hour!


Anonymous said...

Keep talking Debi..your not alone..I am up following leads..Shannon

Matt Jenkins said...

Why all the traveling? Stay safe!

NetPosse said...

Mostly for I rarely get out for pleasure.

Rhonda Hare said...

Remember what I told you!!! Take care of yourself!!! Be safe in your travels.

mickiebon said...

I'm listening, so keep talk’n! I'll be the wall that talks back (as you already know I always do anyway, lol)!

WOW, that is a big change on the travel than what we talked about! Good luck and be safe! ;-)