Friday, December 11, 2009

You Can Be The "Santa" that Puts the Present Under the Tree

We had another stolen horse report come in last night from AL. How dare it do that right when I am in the midst of our annual eBay fundraiser... actually it is more like a STORM that has lasted since the day before Thanksgiving!

We are here to help our victims and in true form Angela and I stopped all of the painstaking work you never see behind the scenes (that is another blog in itself) of the auction and jumped head first into the journey to get Sonny home.

Within in a few hours his alert was sent to thousands via email, message boards and social networking sites. We will contine to work on this one for days just getting out the information. One of the many responses to our alert came from someone who innocently thought they could not help and got me all stirred up this morning.

It is human to error and believe me I have plenty of them to prove it. So when I saw the remark on this message board I jumped on my educational soapbox quick. (It is a soapbox isn't it?)

My response was meant to make people think. Did I accomplish my task? And like this entire blog, it is unedited and retains all of the grammatical mistakes I am known for since I have little time to write, much less edit my own work. But then I am really not capable of editing or I would write correctly the first time hmmm... I am off track... I do that. Oops! is the response.

Yes, Barrel Horse World, the link to find Sonny could be on this group! You could be the "Santa" that puts the right present under the tree this year. But not if you think, "I am too far away to post flyers" like most people do because you really don't understand the dynamics behind the travels of stolen horses.

Now it is time for me to do one of the things I do best, educate. I hope everyone will take a moment to read my commentary which is based on years of working with stolen horses here at

Weekendgambler, I understand where you are coming from on that thought. I once thought the same as you did. I don't anymore and thank you for opening up this topic for me to discuss.

I am not sure where you are but at this point there is really no such thing as too far away unless you are out of the US, Canada or Mexico. My horse went up and down the eastern seaboard between NC and PA and then ended up in TN in less than 6 months. We found her in TN 51 weeks after she was found.

Here are a few others that we have worked with over the years.

  • A CA horse ended up in CT.
  • A CT horse ended up in TX. 
  • A CO horse ended up in NE.
  • A GA horse ended up in NC
  • A CA horse ended up in OR
  • A NH horse ended up in ME
  • A MO horse went KY before it was recovered in IA.
  • An OK horse went to TX and back to OK in 4 days.
  • A Can. horse was found in CO
  • A FL trailer was found in TX
And last but not least there is Max, an IL barrel horse who ended up in MO. We only wonder where that little guy went in the 58 weeks he was missing. Aren't we thankful that the little girl who posted that flyer didn't think she was too far away to help?

Who knows where those horses have been before they were found. Sometimes horses do stay in the same state and they are usually found within 500 miles of where they are stolen. And yes, sometimes they are found just a few miles away but as you can see, when a horse is gone it can be anywhere in the world in a short time.

I know it is easy to think you can't help if you are not familiar with the "stolen horse world" like we are, but please assume that Sonny could be near you instead of the opposite scenario. If you don't, we just may miss bringing this one home.

Finding these missing horses is really all about networking and people participating in random acts of kindness.

Go to the site right now.  and print a flyer and post at your local tack store horse or horse auction.

Pass this message with the alert link,  to all the people you know and ask them to do the same. You never know who they know or who their friends do.

It's the season for giving, and in this case it is only a little of your time, so lets try to get Sonny home in time for Christmas.

And to all who do anything large or small, thank you more than you know.

Happy Holidays


PS: Sonny's trailer, pictured R., was taken with him.